Area 1

Tank™. Drip™. Audio™.

When you arrive at Factory Floor, you are welcomed by the high ceilings and our light filled tap room. This space is a industrial oasis hidden away within the cobbled courtyard of 92 Burton Road, and provides bar service all day and night. Area 1 is the perfect space to socialise, graze on our snacks and enjoy our extensive beer, cocktail, spirit and wine menus with friends.

Drip-Infused Spirits

Looking up at the bar, your gaze is met by an unfamiliar system of apparatus. Reminiscent of a laboratory, this equipment is responsible for our unique drip-infusion process.

We begin with Campari Group spirits being poured into the hopper where it slowly drips into the waiting substrate below. This substrate – a mixture of exotic fruits, herbs and spices – gently infuses the spirit dripping from above, slowly extracting every subtle flavour with every rhythmic drip. The infused spirit accumulates in the bottom beaker, ready to be enjoyed.

Tank-Fresh Beer

The beer at Factory Floor is as local as it gets – brewed on-site by Neepsend Brew Co. Home to a constantly changing range of beers, The idea behind the brewery is simple: no hype, no hard sell, just brew the kind of beer that everyone enjoys.

It is that same no-hassle approach that rings true when it is time to take delivery. A hose is linked from the vessel in the brewery, and the golden beer is pumped directly into our chilled tanks, towering either side of our bar – zero hassle, zero carbon footprint.


Area 1 reservations are available Wednesday to Sunday.