Area 1

Tank™. Drip™. Audio™.

This space is an industrial oasis hidden away within the cobbled courtyard of 92 Burton Road, providing bar service all day and night. Area 1 is the perfect space to socialise, enjoy snacks from our neighbours, Roku, and enjoy our extensive beer, cocktail, spirit and wine menus.

Drip-Infused Spirits

Factory Floor’s unique drip-infusion system derives from a traditional Japanese Coffee Filtration method. This allows us to take spirits & liqueurs and infuse them over 12 hour periods, giving us the opportunity to create a wide array of flavour combinations. This drip-infusion process is the basis for our spirit and cocktail menu. 

We drip various Campari Group Spirits through different substrates. This varies from fruits, nuts, herbs and spices and the slow infusion process allows for a huge depth of flavour and colour.

Ask your server about specials or just an explanation of what we do. We’ll be happy to run through everything with you.

Tank-Fresh Beer

The tank beer at Factory Floor is as local as it gets – brewed on-site by Neepsend Brew Co. Home to a constantly changing range of beers. The idea behind the brewery is simple: no hype, no hard sell, just brew the kind of beer that everyone enjoys.

It is that same no-hassle approach that rings true when it is time to take delivery. A hose is linked from the vessel in the brewery, and the beer is pumped directly into our tanks; zero hassle, zero carbon footprint.

Area 1

Area 1 reservations are available Wednesday to Sunday