Sounds Of The Factory Floor

Imagine a venue where the sound moulds perfectly to its surroundings and traces the shape of its guests. Where the deepest basslines and the crispest highs diffuse throughout the entirety of the space. That is the Danley Audio sound.

This groundbreaking technology, created by one of ‘the most innovative loudspeaker designers in the industry’, Tom Danley, was imported direct from Florida and set up quadrophonically, ready to take their new residence at Factory Floor, providing the sounds from the suspended deck above the Factory Floor entrance.

Factory Floor 1st Birthday

Factory Floor 1st Birthday

Thursday 23rd September

bump 003

bump. 003 with Dennis Roswell

Thursday 30th September

Peddler Market 7th Birthday

Peddler Market’s 7th Birthday

Friday 1st + Saturday 2nd October

Drip & Forage: The First Gin Masterclass

Drip + Forage Gin Masterclass

Friday 1st + Saturday 2nd October